Part 4 of Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What?

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Part 4 of Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What?

Post by KristinaGz on 5th June 2015, 9:47 pm

Hi everybody
Let's get into this. It's easy, simple and if done exactly to plan, very profitable.
Let's play...

After we have set-up our localbitcoins account lets get selling some BITcoin
In your browser set up 3 tabs...coinbase, localbitcoins, Paypal My Cash and bitcoinaverage (okay 4)

This could only take a few minutes...really

In localbitcoins
use "show more" option to determine method you want tobe paid in
try to find buyers with (100%+ 100%) feedback scores
Paypal My Cash is among the quickest to earn cash. Furthermore much less fees. Simply click buyers ad. Check out packs buyer wants to sell

How You Can Sell Your Bitcoin
- localbitcoins input pack you would like to trade for, "How much you wish to sell?" this will get how much btc you need to sell.

 Add this amount to
- coinbase to figure out just how much it will cost, press "buy"
- localbitcoins "dashboard" "wallet xxxxxx" "receive bitcoins" copy and paste whole address
- coinbase "send" btc amount to localbitcoins address. press "next" "send"
- wait around a few minutes to verify 3 times
- "sell bitcoins" "How much you wish to sell?" "Send Trade Request" get contact message
- await code in message area. Copy/Paste code in Paypal My Cash "Load Funds Now"
- when funds obtained return to localbitcoins contact area "send" "thank you" message
- press "Release bitcoins" add two-factor authentification code "Confirm"...done

And after that I will show you how to get in on this fantastic... Well I will let you know laters.

Just that you do not have to "fund" your wallet...Just sell your bitcoin.


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