Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What?

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Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What?

Post by KristinaGz on 4th June 2015, 12:28 am

What this Bitcoin craze is all about? What's going on etc. Why so popular.
Why is it gaining in popularity. And how can I "get me some"?

It seems like the whole world is full of people who are investing into bitcoin.

The more companies offer services in bitcoin, the more the price will rise slowly.

The times of crazy fluctuation are probably over, but since there is so much
venture capital directed into the bitcoin industry, there will be more adoption.

More adoption leads to bigger price.

I remember reading somewhere when bitcoin began, 1 BTC was worth 0.0001cent i.e that's 1/100th of a penny. Right?

Then back in November 2013 that same 1 BTC reached as high as $990USD... YIKES!

Now that it has settled back to  $235.13USD , Right away remains the best time to gather bitcoin, seeing that it’s just in the beginning of the adoption curve.

Right now keep reading.


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