Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What? Part 2

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Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What? Part 2

Post by KristinaGz on 4th June 2015, 10:27 am

Hello everybody, continuing from the last post

Thus the entire reason of this posting is for me to teach you:

1) Starting setup
- Start out with a fresh email address...Why not?
- Get new email to open a bitcoin wallet. I make use of coinbase still there are others on bitcoin org
- Confirm it as much as you could (phone, bank account and so forth), just to get it completely functioning
- Finance your account. Debit card etc. Later I'll teach you a great method that will achieve this

2) Evaluating Bitcoin...Quick fast
- Right here I utilise bitcoinaverage com
- Almost all the cryptocurrencies are available and the site gets renewed very regularly. Simply
play around on the site and see if you see anything interesting.
- which provides up-to-the-minute information of the changeable nature of bitcoin

Finished? Okay so now we trade


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