Part 3 of Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What?

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Part 3 of Bitcoin Here Bitcoin There... So What?

Post by KristinaGz on 5th June 2015, 12:15 am

3) Where & How To Trade Them
- Quickest means would be to buy from somebody you know, or best check out localbitcoins*dot*com
- On this site you can see people in your locale willing to buy your coins
- Potential buyers with the best ratings are all up-front so they are handy to find
- Just adopt the method below, the tabs are enclosed in " "

a generate account
b "send" btc from coinbase to localbitcoins wallet utilizing localbitcoins address
c "sell bitcoins" top buyers "sell" "send trade request"
d "post a trade" establish as local provider "I want to" "sell your bitcoins locally"
uncheck "Floating price" "Price equation" type bitcoinaverageusd*1.05

Next is the final and most exciting part


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