Earn daily 100 dollar daily from mining gamer

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Earn daily 100 dollar daily from mining gamer

Post by santhoshjkjk on 14th December 2013, 11:49 pm

Nowadays people make huge money playing at HappyMiner.Com. Here we are not talking about it. We're talking how to get $10 on the sly while they are making thousands of bucks.
how to make money playing on Happyminer.com" The people made this money by following the instructions from here

In a nutshell they buy Happyminer's accounts for $10 and then sell for $12, so $2 profit on every account.

Because of big money making, they generate Happyminers.Com coupons. Every coupon could be used to get a Happyminer's account. Then the account can be sold for $10 on Virtaex.Com. $10 is nothing for them, because they are rich, but we can use the coupons to get our penny! Perfect! I love it! I found a coupon generation algorithm, and can generate many coupons! Wow! But they banned me sometime for using it Sad
And I decided to generate and give the $10 coupon for free, BUT you must tell about this site on some forums. This is the condition. You tell about this site on 5 forums and get $10 coupon! A good deal for everyone. But it's a time-limited offer. May be the offer will not be continued after 1 month, if it's not efficient. And also, everyone who got $10 coupon from us, must send a short testimonial to us with a screenshot like above. It's the second condition.

Read how to apply a coupon here:
1) take a coupon
2) go to Happyminer.Com
3) Apply there. After that they send a Happyminer's account to your email box
4) Take this account and go to Virtaex.Com (use my ref link, I'll get 10% referrals from every $10 Smile
5) Sell there for $10. The money will be sent to your PayPal or Skrill - Moneybookers.com


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