Strategic planning

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Strategic planning

Post by abdulla_uk on 5th September 2013, 2:37 pm

Every year more agencies are strategically and tactically planning their futures. This is great because those of us who see the results of strategic planning know that businesses who create and implement plans will survive and succeed.
However, creation and reality testing of Strategic (long range) and Tactical (next year) Plans is much like self-analysis and self-diagnosis - they can work if you are qualified and educated in the processes, but you can never rid yourself of the subjectivity of evaluating your own creative ideas. Just as professional therapists go to others for therapy and doctors go to others for medical care, business owners need professional facilitators to maximize the effectiveness of their planning process.
The Agency Consulting Group's Strategic Planning Module is one of its most popular consultations. We prove once and for all that business planning and successful business growth and developments are neither strokes of luck, nor reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

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