Quality VPS hosting

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Quality VPS hosting

Post by abdulla_uk on 13th May 2014, 6:16 pm

quality vps hosting stands for virtual private server hosting. It is basically a virtual copy of dedicated server. It means that the server runs a copy of operating system in a virtual machine and customer has root access to that virtual machine. Virtual machine is like a software level dedicated server. Because of that, real hardware server can run multiple instances of the virtual machine. The advantages of VPS are ease of use as VPS is a software node running on a server. These nodes can easily be duplicated and set up on other servers. Of course, the underlying system resources are shared among virtual machines. So the performance may be lower compared to dedicated server and depends on the workload of the server. VPS can be configured to have a selected amount of resources reserved for a particular VPS instance so your web-application performance running on VPS will not suffer if the overall server load is high. VPS prices are lower compared to dedicated server still being functionally equivalent to physical server. As client has superuser access to operating system, almost all available software for that OS can be installed and used.

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