Complete body cleansing program

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Complete body cleansing program

Post by abdulla_uk on 13th April 2014, 6:49 pm

When I started the GNC 7 Day complete body cleansing program, I was skeptical because I had tried other cleanses in the past and had some harrowing experiences including cramps, headaches, being miserable from too much water and too little food, and spending way too much time in the loo. And some of the powder mixes were downright yucky.However, knowing GNC’s reputation to be exemplary, I was willing to try their cleansing program. GNC offers several cleansing programs ranging from colon cleanses to whole body cleanses and I wanted a whole body cleanse. It occurs to me that there really is no sense in performing a colon cleanse or one designed for a particular body part or function when other organs in the rest of your system, along with fat cells and free radicals running rampant, are dumping toxic waste after the cleanse like a chaser. This only leads to more frequent cleanses (colon, kidney, Candida, liver, etc.) and more costs. And many of these cleanses are hard on the body’s system and can cause it to become dependent if used too often and leave the body unable to function properly on its own.

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