Driveway alarm

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Driveway alarm

Post by abdulla_uk on 28th September 2013, 1:38 am

The harbor freight driveway alarms out to 200 yard reliably. Any more distance and the signal don’t make it reliably up to the house when the leaves are on the trees. In the winter I can get a bit more range if needed. The Dakota alerts have a better coverage spread; they can use a directional antenna if you want to get max range out of them. You can monitor over a VX7 or even the Beefing radios. The range out of the box is 5 times greater. Much better built all around. More expensive and worth the money if you are looking for a longer range system. If you just want a driveway alarm get the cheaper ones if you have a short drive and can see it from the house. Longer drive or hidden spots rely on the better ones.

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